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Sanduao, also known as Threeshawan. Sun yat-sen loaded it into "The Founding Of The General Plan", known as "In the world, only exist in China" and predicted that Sanduao would be built to be a large port in the oriental world. Sanduao and surrounded, east exploded direction only a 3 km wide sea, is a rare natural shelter harbor. From Taiwan strait into sanduao port 30-115 meters, the main channel of depth, ice free 365 days all the year round can be all-weather port operations. The geographical position is moderate, is connected to the south China sea, the north sea, the strategic hub of east Taiwan strait, has always been to trade port. Sanduao began in the tang dynasty in Hong Kong, xing Ming. As one of the busiest ports in fujian. Is the sea port of the characteristics and potential of sanduao can build very large international cargo transshipment port, as international trade and & have spent . & have spent . & have spent . . . .
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